About TBL Building Sciences

TBL Building Sciences integrates engineering and science to study, measure, and restore indoor environmental quality (IEQ).

Our strong focus on research and development fosters a culture of innovation. This allows us to support our clients with well-defined investigative techniques, cutting-edge technology, and continuous improvement plans. The result is a building that simultaneously achieves superior energy efficiency and improved occupant health and well-being.


To transform the DNA of the built environment by creating healthier living spaces and workplaces.


To create and sustain a world-class system for assessing and improving the environmental performance of buildings.

Values We Live By


We are committed in heart and in mind. We believe that engaged employees are energized, inspired, and uniquely capable of meeting the highest standards.


We constantly anticipate developments and translate them into opportunities, thereby maintaining a progressive approach to business.


We act with honesty and transparency according to the highest standards of ethical professional behavior.


We strive to exceed our clients’ expectations and enhance our business in accordance with their current and future needs.

Behind Our Brand

Triple bottom line (TBL) is a threefold concept that puts equal focus on the planet, people, and profits. We believe in this concept so strongly that we have incorporated it into our company name.


As engineers, we enhance and extend the life of building systems by viewing the building as an organism. Our efforts reduce the carbon footprint of a building so it exists harmoniously with the planet it is built upon.


As industrial hygienists, we work to maximize the health and well-being of all the occupants of a building. Going beyond human welfare, our commitment to social responsibility can improve the morale and productivity of employees.


As a company, we understand what wasteful spending can do to a financial bottom line. We promote the economic development of our clients by helping them minimize HR and energy expenses.

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