Building Sciences and Industrial Hygiene

The health and safety of your occupants is paramount. We provide assessment and corrective action services for a variety of environmental concerns that are commonly encountered in both commercial and residential environments.

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Codes and Certifications

TBL Building Sciences provides the support you need to transition from a purely economic mindset to one that consciously builds value through the active management of economic, social, and environmental impacts.

  • Energy Star®
  • Fitwel®
  • LEED®
  • Passive House

Structure Tone's new headquarters is the first project in New York City to achieve WELL™ certification. It provides a workspace that supports a culture of healthy living and collaboration.

Structure Tone | New York City, USA | Structure Tone Headquarters

Hazardous Building Materials

Unless appropriate action is taken to assess and manage or remove hazardous building materials, occupant health and well-being is at stake. To avoid such threats, TBL Building Sciences ensures that our clients are in full compliance with federal, state, and local laws and regulations.

  • In-depth reports, which include our findings and recommendations, as well as a comprehensive abatement plan
  • Hazmat detection, identification, and sampling
  • Clearance testing

Google has been choosing healthy materials for projects like this office for years, but recently it refined the criteria to align with the sustainability movement.

Google | New York City, USA | Google’s New York City Office

Indoor Air Quality

Building owners and managers must promptly investigate and identify indoor air quality (IAQ) concerns. Failure to do so may result in lower employee productivity and higher energy costs, repair costs, healthcare costs, employee absenteeism, workers’ compensation claims, and employee and tenant turnover rates. Our indoor environmental quality (IEQ) team helps our clients avoid such issues using IAQ-related services.

  • IAQ management programs
  • Proactive IAQ monitoring
  • IAQ investigations
  • Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) hygiene
  • Odor assessments

In lieu of traditional air conditioning, the Kendeda Building will utilize a radiant heating and cooling system coupled with large ceiling fans, as seen here, in the open atrium. The fans will generate greater air velocity than a conventional building.

Lord Aeck Sargent in Collaboration with The Miller Hull Partnership | Atlanta, USA | Kendeda Building for Innovative Sustainable Design

Occupational Health and Safety

TBL Building Sciences helps create management systems that establish, implement, and transform occupational health and safety. We tailor these systems to each individual client's needs to protect their resources and help their employees be more productive.

  • Health and safety audits
  • Health and safety program development
  • Litigation support

Google has a long history of creating healthy indoor environments designed to enhance comfort and productivity. “The idea for this project emerged from our own work,” explained the company’s green team lead, Anthony Ravitz.

Google | Warsaw, Poland | Google's Warsaw Office

Property Condition Assessments

TBL Building Sciences provides our clients with PCA reports that clarify the true condition and useful lifespan of a property while estimating the costs of necessary modifications over a given period. This extremely helpful service protects our clients by letting them reconsider potentially costly investments or renegotiate a price based on complete information.

Finding the charm in older industrial buildings, such as Bankside Power Station in London (now the Tate Modern), is not difficult; however, cleaning up the toxic spills and building materials can be.

Hans Peter Schaefer | London, UK | Tate Modern

Wellness Solutions

TBL Building Sciences employs an expert team of WELL Accredited Professionals (WELL AP). Our certified team performs in-depth analyses of building systems according to the WELL Building StandardTM (WELLTM). Based on the results, we create a customized, comprehensive, cost-effective plan for our client to ensure the health and well-being of building occupants. The outcomes of this process yield both direct and indirect cost benefits.

  • Increased employee productivity
  • Increased brand value
  • Protection against potential litigation
  • Reduced energy costs
  • And more

The Chartwell School puts students first with an emphasis on natural daylighting and other passive comfort strategies.

Michael David Rose | Seaside, USA | The Chartwell School

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